KaStang Costs and Schedule of Work:
Date Work

Approximate Cost

20-MAY-2002 Original Purchase of Vehicle


03-JUNE-2002 Replace Radio Antanae $16
  Installed Pertronix Electronic Ignition, Flamethrower coil, Bosch 7mm Wires $110
20-JUNE-2002 Finally tuned the engine. Found that initial timing was around 30 degrees advanced when it should only have been 6 degrees BTDC $150 for tuning tools
06-JULY-2002 Installed Edelbrook IAS Shocks (front only) $120
12-AUG-2002 Installed new radio in glove compartment

$150 for radio
$50 for 2 new speakers
$100 for Install

16-AUG-2002 Drained and flushed Radiator and Cooling system, Replaced Thermostat with 180 degree thermostat.

$6 Thermostat
$1 Gasket
$10 Coolant

17-AUG-2002 Replaced Tires with Goodyear Regatta 2 205/70 R14 $387
22-AUG-2002 Flushed Radiator, Installed New 6 bladed Flex Fan $80
29-AUG-2002 Replaced Water pump $40
02-SEP-2002 Replaced Radiator $169
  Replaced Carter Carb with Rebuilt Autolite 1100 $101
01-OCT-2002 Repair to Unibody rust $5000
01-NOV-2002 Rust Repaired by Mid County Mustang, Upper Uwchlan PA  
16-NOV-2002 Purchased Cobra Air Intake $60
20-NOV-2002 Purchased Double Roller Timing Set $90
29-NOV-2002 Completed Engine Tear Down  
10-DEC-2002 CC'ed Combustion Chamber, Removed Valves  
22-DEC-2002 Removed Engine $200 Engine Hoist
$50 Load Leveler
$20 For dinner for my friend
24-DEC-2002 Port and Polish Exhaust Ports $30 for Bits/Dust Mask
06-JAN-2003 Completed Offenhause Intake Modifications $30 for Drill Bits/ Dust Masks
10-JAN-2003 Clifford 6-2 Dual Exhaust Headers $120
Between 18-JAN and 08-JUN-2003 T-5 installation

$250 for T5
$200 for Adaptor Plate
$150 for T.O. Bearing, Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc
$150 for T-5 Shifter
$80 for T-5 Slip Yoke
$150 for Drive Shaft Modifications

  Engine Installation $200 for Misc. gaskets.
  Engine Compartment Re-Wiring $120 for Headlight Harness
$50 for Alternator Harness
$50 for Gauge Feed Harness
14-AUG-2003 New Carpet, Insulation, Sill Plates, Interior Paint $200
14-AUG-2003 MSD Digital 6 Plus Ignition $280



Upcoming Projects
Project Planned Date Estimated Cost
Upgrade Exhaust Headers Spring-Summer 2003 $500
MSD Multi-Funcation Ignition Conttroller Fall/Winter 2003 $420
Replace Offy Head with Aussie 250 2V head Fall 2003 $1000
Interior carpet replacement Winter 2003-2004 $200
Dual Master Cylinder Fall 2003 $80
5-Lug Disc brake upgrade Winter 2003-2004 $1000
5 Lug Rear End, 8" Winter 2003-2004 $200

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