Time to move into the 21st Century...

Probably one of the best modifications I have done so far. It was also the first. It has had the greatest overall improvement in the car's performance.

I replaced the points mainly because I know absolutely nothing about points and it seemed that an electronic ignition was right up my alley. Pertronix elimnates the need to adjust dwell as well. All around, a very good system.

Very easy to install, and everything fits into the distributor and is well hidden. The only part that is seen that is not original looking is the red wire from the pertronix unit to the positive side of the coil.

A couple of notes for installation. Check your voltage at the ingition wire (wire coming from the firewall to the "+" side of the coil. Check it with a multimeter. According the Pertronix, the ignition needs at least 8Vs to operate correctly. I've heard of people running it on 6Vs with no problems what so ever. Mine happened to be 12 Vs, so I did not worry about it at all.

DO NOT REMOVE the green tape. I made the mistake of thinking it needed to be pulled off. I quickly realized that was incorrect and put the tape back on. A couple of weeks later the tape pulled and 3 magnets got pulled out. KaStang limped home for 20 miles on 3 cylinders. That brings me to my last point...KEEP THE POINTS in the car!!! They make a great backup.


This system has made my car run and idle so much more smoothly then before. It starts with less problems and idles better.

Directions can be confusing with wording of ballast resistor or resistor wires. It is hard to know if you have either without testing it with a Multimeter. After figuring that out, the installation was very simple.

It could not look more stock, giving the car a very clean look

As previously stated, one of the best upgrades (and simpliest) to do to a classic mustang, or classic car in general.