Well, being that this is my first classic mustang...I got bit by the rust cancer. I knew it was there...just not to the extent that it was. The PO said that he had it priced out to fix and that is would cost around $1000 to fix. The price I got? $5k. A little difference. I am glad I got the car before he got his $1000 fix...it looks like it had several $1k fixes before when it really needed some serious work. Well, at least the Rust was Free!!!

Basic Repair List:
Both Rear Torque Boxes
Both Inner Rocker Panels
Complete Floor Pans
Both Rear Frame Rails
Patches on the front Frame Rails
Miscellanout other stuff

Click on any of the pictures for a much larger view

Driver's side Inner rocker looking forward
Passenger Side Inner Rocker looking forward Passanger Side Inner Rocker looking forward
Driver Side Inner Rocker looking forward Driver Side by Front Frame Rail
Driver Side Rear frame rail/Torque Box Driver Side Rear Frame Rail
Driver Inner Rocker Passanger side Rear Frame Rail/Torque Box
Passenger Side Facing Rear Passanger Side Facing Rear
Shims trying to correct body alignment More Shims
Everyone's Favorite...Flash Tape Minor rust on the Front Frame Rail