Valve and Spring Removal Removal

While Removing the Valves looks complicated...with the right tool it is quite easy:


Valve Spring Compressor
Small Screw Driver
Needle Nose Pliers


1) Place the Valve Spring Compressor on the lowest coil as possible. Compress the spring all the way.

2) Push the spring down and push the valve up to get a gap between the retainer and valve sleeve.
3) If the Valve Locks have been on there for awhile, they may not come out very easily. If this is the case then use a screw driver and hammer and gently tap loose the retainer to free up the valve locks.
4) Once the valve locks are loose remove with fingers or needle nose pliers. Now uncompressed the spring.
5) Remove the Valve Spring and sleeve leaving the Valve Seal in place.
6) Remove Valve Seal

7) Remove Valve by pulling straight down.

8) Repeat process until done.

Total time to complete 30-60 minutes.

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