Removal and Replacement of the Water Pump
1.Remove the radiator and fan. You may notice the upper radiator hose is removed from the thermostat. That is not neccesary, it was done to make pictures easier to take.
2. Remove the alternator belt (and any other belts that may be attached to your water pump pulley). To do this, loosen the alternator bracket bolts. If it has been awhile since you have replaced the belt, a small pry bar and/or WD-40 may help.
3. Pull or gently pry off the pulley off of water pump. No bolts other then the fan bolts hold it on. It does have an alignment notch however.
4. This is that you should end up with after you remove the pulley. The alignment notch is actually a raised area in the center of the pump.
5. Remove the lower radiator hose from the pump.
6. Remove the heater hose from the water pump.
7. Remove the bolts (3) securing the pump to the block. Be prepared for some drainage of cooling fluid.
8. Pull off the pump. Clean off any olf gasket material from the engine block. Congratulations, you have removed your water pump. install the new pump...