Sometimes, You've gotta get the shaft

COMP CAMS 260H 200CI Cam Shaft Kit review:

One of the cheapest ways to gain some power (though not always the easiest) is to replace your stock camshaft with something a little more aggressive. Camshafts taht come from the factory are typically very mild in tuning, mainly because like everything else on the car, they have to make it so everyone will be happy with it and it will run decently for the most people. That means less power, and smooth operations. Who wants to buy a new car that can hardly be driven off the lot, even if it does have 500 RWHP?

After looking high and low, I decided to go with Comp Cams


I think took my radio and car to a Concept AudioSound in Newport, Rhode Island. For $100 I got my speakers mounted and installed, and my radio mounted and installed. The above picture is what it looks like from the exterior of the car.

The radio's remote has a range of about 10-15 feet from the car with the glove box shut. That is great for when I'm under the car working and I'm tired of the song playing.

Basically for a total of $300 I got my CD in the glove box, a usable glove box, RF remote, installation, 2 new speakers. If I want I can add a CD changer and I still would only be about the same cost of the Custom Autosound.

What about the glove box? If I ever want to restore it back...$15.



REVIEW (1-10, 10 being the best)
For $300, I think it is great. If you can install it yourself...then you save another $100 from my cost.
Concept did a good job, but it appears they cut a few shortcuts, but none are visible without close inspection and are only cosmetic.
Jensen is not a top end radio company. They do make good radios though. While not like the system that is in my Volvo, it is nice for a 37 year old Convertible.


Sometimes the radio will do wierd things like skip channels when you are trying to adjust the volume but otherwise it has made the car so much nicer to drive in.