CC'ing the Combustion Chamber

CC'ing the combustion chamber. If you pull the head off of the engine you might as well do this. It is simple and gives some information on your heads. CC'ing means that you are measuring the volume of the combustion chamber. This can change if you heads are milled or High Performance heads and can change your compression ratio.

Syringe (outboard motor mixing syringe works great)
Drill (and bits)
Old CD case
Oil/Tranny Fluid
Spark Plugs.

1) Level out the head. This makes it easier to keep the liquid level. Also install a spark plug.

2) Using an old CD case...drill 2 holes in the case. One for the syringe, one for the air to escape.
3) Fill syringe with measuring fluid. Be sure to note level of fluid. In my case I filled the syringe with 60CC of fluid.
4) Slowly pump fluid into combustion chamber. When full (coming out of air hole in CD Case) note the liquid left in the syringe. In this case I had 6 CC left in the syringe meaning that my combustion chamber CC'ed to 54 CC's which is pretty much stock for a 67 200 CI Head. That means that I will probably have the head milled by .060" to increase the Compression ratio some.
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