Port and Polishing Exhaust

Squeezing every last ounce out of this engine. I figured since I had the head off of the engine I should go ahead and port and polish the exhaust ports on the engine. Not sure of performance gains, but it makes me feel better.



Dremel Tool
Dremel Bit set for grinding/polishing

Prepare for a mess. You'll have to frequently clean your work area because of the amount of iron dust you will be creating.

1) Recommend removing the valves. While you can do the majority of this with the valve in place, you need to do some major cleaning after you are done and with the valves in place you can be in for a very difficult cleaning. Also, a lot of the porting/polishing needs to be done by the valves.

2) The steps are generally simple. Using an Alunimum Oxide or Silicon Oxide grinding stone, slowly and patiently smooth out the exhaust ports. Apply light pressure. If you apply too much pressure it will cause ruts that may be difficult to smooth out evenly.

3) Still more grinding
4) Use a smaller bit for fine grinding about detailed parts.

5) To make it really shine, change to a polishing stone or sanding wheel to smooth it out.

6) Be patient. This process will take between 3-18 hours for an inline 6 head depending on how anal you are about the polishing process. I didn't make it perfect, just tried to improve it. Here is what it may look like closer to perfect.

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