Project Cobra Six begins

Here is the 1968 200 CI engine that will be replacing my current 200 CI engine. So why did I buy another 200 CI? It only cost me $100 and I have a complete engine. I am tearing down the engine to build it up from scratch and replacing the following components:

1) Offy 3-1V Intake Adaptor
2) Double Roller Timing Set (billet Aluminum)
3) New Fuel Pump
4) New Water Pump
5) New Oil Pump
6) New Valve Cover
7) New Comp Cam 260H performance Cam

I wanted to build this engine up from the bottom up so that it will be put together properly.

Also if I happen to mess up the engine, I'm only out $100.

1) Removed the Fuel Pump 2) Removed Valve Cover
3) Removed Exhaust manifold 4) Removed the Head

I then removed the oil cover, timing cover, timing belt and gears and camshaft.

I unforntunately can not find the pictures for the last couple of items removed. when they are found they will be posted.