My KaStang Projects:


This page will act as a table of contents for my major projects providing links to the applicable pages for information and reviews of products.

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Project Date Started Date Finished

Project Cobra Six has begun. The majority of the parts have been ordered and the majority of the parts have arrived.

Engine Tear Down

Valve Removal

CC'ing Combustion Chamber


15-NOV-2002 TBD

Well...the Rust bug struck me. I just had no idea that the rust was so wide spread. Below are a couple of pages that show the extent of the rust damage. The mustang was taken to Mid County Mustang for repairs. The Final Price was $5300.

Before and After Pictures

Work in Progress Pictures

Frame Rail Rust

Floor Pans


My car has the tendancy of overheating when hitting highway speeds of over 60-65 MPH. It does not really overheat, but the temperature gauge mover very rapidly to the HOT end of the gauge and stays just shy of the overheating mark. The problem is made worse by the current heat wave.

A lot of stuff replaced...ended up being the radiator.

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While an AM radio may have been great in the 60's, there are few AM stations in Rhode Island these days...and my radio does not even pick them up very well, so at the request of SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) I got another radio. I had a local stereo install it so I would have someone to blame if the wiring got screwed up. I had them put it in the glove box so I could keep the stock look of the interior.

Radio View from the outside...hidden
Radio Installed in Glove Box
Radio RF Remote Control
Normal Driving Radio Setup

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06-AUG-2002 08-AUG-2002

I knew when I got the car that the front shocks were bad...but I had no idea how bad. If you hit a bump the wrong way you would lose control of the car. Couple this with bad tires and turns were scary sometimes, even at low speeds. I purchased some Edelbrock IAS Mono Shocks. What a difference...

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26-JUL-2002 26-JUL-2002

One of the first things I did when I got the car was get rid of the old points and purchased a new electronic ignition made by Pertronix and a higher performance coil. Probably one of the best single improvements that I have made so far. Made the car run significantly better.


20-JUN-2002 20-JUN-2002