Installing a New Water Pump:
My new water pump. This was purchased new from Autozone. It only cost $15 more then a rebuilt one. If I was going through all this trouble to replace the water pump, it was going to be new.
Notice the heater hose nipple on the old water pump. You may want to try to remove this. Check to see if your new pump has one. Mine did not. I tried to remove this one, but after a few minutes I decided to spend the few bucks and just buy a new nipple from Autozone.
Install the new heater hose nipple.
Apply some gasket maker to the back side of the new gasket. Clean any old gasket material off of the engine block.
Place the new pump on the engine block secure with the bolts.
Torque to specifications
Re-attach the fan pulley, fan, and all hoses (basically the reverse of the removal process). Refill the radiator and check it out. Make sure there are no leaks and that your are getting water flow.