Mustang Vender Reviews: During my search for the best quality for the best money, these are some of my companies I've dealt with. Each company is rated on the following categories: 1) Quality of parts, 2) Prices, 3) Customer Service, 4) Overall. They are rated from 1-10, 10 being the best.

Company Parts Ordered Quality Prices Customer Service Comments Ratings (overall)
Mustangs Unlimited Some large and many small purchases 8 7 N/A Overall, good prices (though not always the best), lots of products. I like them because I get all my stuff next day since I only live 3 hours away. I have visited the CT warehouse and the sale staff was very helpful. I only wish I was able to walk ailes of parts...but instead all they had was a service desk. 7.5
Sullivan Tire (MA) Goodyear Regatta 2 P205/70 R14s 8 7 8 Decent tire prices if you are in MA or nearby RI. Service was okay. 7.5
Metro-Mustang (Atlanta, GA) New Fender emblems, window rollers, shifter rebuild kit 7 6 2 The only reason they get a 2 instead of a 1 is that everytime I called to inquire about my order that took 2 months for them to ship was the fact that they were very nice each time I called.


Autozone All the parts I've forgotten 8 7 8 Good place for all those small things that I keep forgetting about, like hoses and gaskets. 8 Tires for all my cars 9 10 9 Probably the lowest prices on quality tires that I've found on the internet. Good if you are looking for non-whitewall tires. I had to get the mustang tires from a local place to be able to get whitewalls. Awesome customer service when I've talked to them. 9.5
Pertronix Electronic Ignition 7 N/A 9 I rate them here because of my dealings with this company. I had problems with their electronic ignition being defective. I called the company expecting to get hassled to get a new part. To my surprise all they did was get my name and address and the part number I was looking for and they sent it the next day for free. 8
Mid County Mustang (Upper Uwchlan, PA) Rust Repair 10 10 10 All I can say about them is wow...The rust that my car had was pretty bad. They did a wonderful job. The price was very reasonable for the repair work. Also, they sent me pictures twice a week to show me the work progress. Everytime I called, they were very helpful in answering questions and concerns. If you have a mustang in need of frame repairs and are willing to travel, I highly recommend them.


COMP CAMS 260H Cam, Lifters, Timing Set, Valve springs, Valve Seals


7 2 Once again...another company that couldn't keep it's time promises. I was originall told 2 weeks for these parts to arrive. I made 3 more phone calls that results in the phrase "should be there in a week". 2 Months later...I finally have it. I don't mind waiting 2 months, if I was told that from the beginning. 7 Double Roller Timing Set (more to come) 9 9 9 Not very many options out there for HIPO parts for the Inline six cylinders. This place has a lot of them and they continue to research new ones. 9
National Parts Depot Lots of parts 8 8 8 I've started ordering most of my mustang (non engine) parts from these guys. Very good knowledgable sales staff. Good prices. Only draw back is location for me because it takes at least 3 days for parts to arrive. 8
Jegs Edelbrock Performer IAS 8 8 8 Good general performance company 8
Summit Racing MSD Digital 6 Plus 8 9 9 Low price guarantee, though most of their prices are the lowest you can find. Nice customer service 8.5