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Maybe we should TRI a little harder...


I'm sorry to all the single carb cars out there (including mine now) but you can't beat the coolness factor of a multi-carb engines. I admit, that is what lured me to the Offenhauser at first. It just looks so cool.

The biggest problem with the inline 6 cylinders made by ford was the log intake. In other countries, Ford built up the 6 cylinders as performance engines. The log intake really limits air/fuel distribution to all the cylinders. The outer cylinders are very often starved for fuel and end up leaning out.

Enter the Offy intake adaptor. It puts 3 carbs, one in between every two cylinders. It really wakes the engine up. Good power increase. Really screams and sounds great. Sounds like a big engine when it starts sucking down air.

Gets lots of comments at shows especially.

Now the down side. Tuneability and driveability.


Be prepared to tune this set up every other day and any time the temperature changes by more the 10 degrees. It requires a lot of patience to keep this set up running well.


With all of the return springs to close the carbs, it can be very hard on the legs for long drives. Since my car is my daily driver during the summer, that wasn't going to work with a 40 mile drive one way to work.




REVIEW (1-10, 10 being the best)
Not a terribly expensive upgrade other then the carbs. But most of the effort is in the head modifications.
Performance increase was easily noticed and felt really good. Just hard to drive every day for 100 miles.
This is pointed to where I bought the set up from, but the kit in general. It seems like a half thought out kit that someone put together in their garage. It requires a lot of modifications to be made by the user.



VERY VERY poorly written instructions. Vague at best. Left a lot to figure out on your own, so be prepared for a lot of visits to your local hardware store.

6 Overall the look is awesome, just not for a daily driver. If you are interested in only shows, great modification. For a car driven more then 40 miles a day, I wouldn't do it.