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Now I can really shift through gears

Ranking as my #2 most favorite upgrade (#1 be Electronic ignition) is my T5 transmission upgrade. Why? Simple, drivability. With the stock 2.77 3Speed that came in my car, to go 65 MPH, the engine was just killing itself. The addition of the 4th and 5th gear make it nice to drive on the highway.

Another advantage is fully syncronized gears. No longer do you have to be dead stopped to put it into 1st gear. Even then sometimes it would go into gear. The shifting is also much smooth and with a closer ratio then before. I no longer feel like I'm driving a UPS truck.

I decided to go with a 4 cylinder, late 80s T5 transmission. Two main reasons for this, price and drivability. The price of the 4 cylinder T5s is much lower then the V8 version. When put behind a 6 cylinder, the transmission works great, as a stock (or mildly built 6) will not push this transmission too hard. Also, 1st gear and overdrive (5th gear) have a higher ratio making it easier on the 6 cylinder to handle starting up and cruising on the highway.

I bought my T5 adaptor kit from Al ( He is the only person who makes them for the early model bellhousings on the 200 CI. The price was about the same as any other place for adaptors. He also supplied a pilot bearing for the 4 cylinder T5.

Installation is really tight with this transmission. It is somewhat easier with the engine and tranny out of the car, but not really enough to warrant pulling the engine just to install the T5. Trust me, I tried it both ways at different times. Some people have had to modify the tunnel opening to the interior to make room for the shifter. If this is happening to you, please be sure to check the alignment of your engine and transmission. It is tight. The top of the shifter box touches the tunnel on mine. I've had no problems though.

I purchased a T5 crossmember from NPD (Nation Parts Depot) and the transmission mount from Mustangs Unlimited. Both worked fine and are of good quality.

The T5 was bought from Ebay for $200, and that was after it was rebuilt.




REVIEW (1-10, 10 being the best)
Overall installtion price after everything was said and done, about $750. Not too bad, cheaper then with a V-8 T5
Wow is all I can say. That combined with my new cam shaft makes the car feel like a new car



Definitely the 2nd best (but very close to being the best) modification I've do so far. Drastically changed the performance of the car. It feels like I'm driving a mustang and not the UPS truck.