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That's the sound of the man, working on the CHAIN...Yeah Yeah

This is a quick review of the Double Roller Timing Chain sold by Mike at

Very few (if any) other places make a double roller timing chain for the inline six cylinders. Mike is one (if not the only) place that does. The quality of the parts is impeccable. Billet Aluminum gears, Double roller chains and gears, timed crank gears. Overall excellent quality.

Now timing chains aren't usually talking for performance, nor are they pure performance gainers, but they are peice of mind. With a Double Roller Timing Chain, you generally have less stretch over time and your timing stays more accurate.

REVIEW (1-10, 10 being the best)
Don't have anything to compare to since no one else makes this. For $90 though, it is a nice addition.
I guess the real measure of the performance will be how long it lasts.



I've very happy that I did this modification. Especially with more performance add-ons coming.